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“When I was a boy, my mother fell ill.” Jakel’s voice is soft in his ears Vilkas snorts derisively at the mer. He had little respect for his soft touch s he treated the wolf’s wounds. He disliked him period. Vilkas growls at him as the soaked compress of something is pressed against the gaping hole in his side. Bad raid, the Silver hand were getting bolder by the day.

“I watched the healer, an elderly man with peppercorn hair and a scowl to match yours, mixed a batch of herbs right there in our kitchen. She was better within days. At the time I had no interest in softer things.  was a young, healthy, strong lad so there was no need for me to learn though the man offered.” The mer did not deviate from his task. Gently wiping away the excess of the wound, drawing out the infection, cleaning the remains of it as he continued his story.

“It wasn’t until later, when my wife and daughter became ill that I went to the healer for aide. unfortunately the man had been dead a decade and I hadn’t even known.”

Vilkas watched those steady hands offer him a numbing poultice for the stitching which he refused immediately with a wave of his own hand. The mer sets the green vial on the end table before continuing his work and his story,  taking up the thick thread and heated needle.

Slowly, carefully he pinched the edges of the garish wound shut, then threading the needle through the skin. Vilkas was learning something (humility?) about the mer today. While he would have rather been out hunting with his brother he was stuck here with Jakel and the scholar in him couldn’t help but listen. It was not the scholar that felt sympathy for him though, at the loss of his family. It was a reminder that the mer might look young but he was quite a bit older than others thought.

“So I tested everything, bought every book I could get my hands on. Then it was my son. there was no gradual build up to his illness just one day he became ill, the next he was gone.” Jakel’s voice was steady but Vilkas could see the pinched edges around his mouth that gave away his grief.

“how long?” Vilkas found himself asking and it was the first time since they’d sat down that Jackel actually looked at him. Pausing briefly to stare open mouthed at Vilkas’ curiosity. Taking a heavy breath the mer returned to his mending, continuing with his story moments later.

“Its been 20 some odd years since my family passed. It took months for my wife to go but once out baby girl had gone she lost the will to hold on.” ‘For me’ he wanted to say. As the final stitch was made Vilkas placed a hand over the other’s. Jackel looked again startled by the contact, frightened even. Vilkas didn’t hide his growl of displeasure.

“Why would you tell me this?” He watched the mer sink into himself at that. The wolf, Vilkas or both wanted to curl around this mer’s pain as they watched it take the light from his black eyes.

“You asked why I learned alchemy.” He states calmly.

‘Demanded’ The wolf’s mind supplies instead. He’d demanded something personal from him when he’d meant to make a scathing comment. To rattle the gentle facade and he’d succeeded just not in the way he’d hoped. Vilkas wasn’t heartless.  He knew that Jakel would answer him honestly. The mer was surprisingly forthcoming about himself. Never holding anything back. It was a weakness many in the guild exploited. Vilkas just had to find all the holes though. Had to poke and prod at old wounds. Farkas had even warned him to be careful. Now he knew why.

Jakel ha resumes his task by the time Vilkas returned to his senses. Still holding the one hand only now he was gripping with more force than needed to hold it in place. He dropped the hand immediately and said no more.

He really wished he was out hunting with Farkas.
Jakel is a fairly innocuous person given his various skill sets. Brandishing a sword he looked no more threatening than a flea. When in rare moments of anger he was down right dismissed. Only the most violent of Skyrim’s creatures even paid him any notice and that was only if he stayed too long in their sights. As he passed by they seemed to forget he was there.

All these things no matter what people seemed to look over him or not see him at all.

Farkas had seen him walk within feet of a giant and his herd and all the giant had done was glance in his direction. It was as if he just didn’t register as a danger to anyone or anything. It was frightening if you thought about it too much. Even his scent was unobtrusive, lilac, lavender and mountain flowers, morning dew and rain. He was simply there to blend in with the scenery.

Farkas initially took this all in his stride but he also saw the danger of it. By no means was Jakel helpless or harmless. The mer could fight with a ferocity to match with Skor or Alea and always with that neutral expression on his face.

While the world saw nothing but another Dunmer, Jakel got up early morning every day to help Severus on his farm for nothing, some into the guild hall for breakfast and in the evening for work. Every mission he came back with a new wonder on his face, in his tales.

Nadia and Athes were not too impressed by him but then they were hardly impressed by anything.

Kodlak would smile, hold conversations with the dunmer in confidence. Quiet talks by the fireside as if to an old friend. They weren’t blind to his usefulness just unfazed by it.  

At first Farkas thought it was magic. Had to be. However the dunmer never used it or if he did it never lasted long or did what he wanted it to. He’d even expressed some dislike for it. It wasn’t right. Something about the dunmer should at least register to others. He had friends! He wasn’t invisible just not there for some people. How can one live like that?

It was frightening to see in combat sometimes, him slipping in and about the opponents, to have him just slip your notice. Entire groups of people would miss him something or ignore him altogether to attack his companions.

Farkas had asked Jakel once if being so ignored bothered him sometimes. The dunmer has smiled kindly at him and said that some days, it did but his life had always been like that. Long before they’d even met.

Everyday the twin wolf was glad Jakel was on their side. That tales of how he’d wiped out the Dark Brotherhood had spread because as an enemy..They didn’t want him as an enemy.
Skyrim OC - Jakel the Dunmer - Farkas
A fairly plain person, Jakel came about while I was playing with the 'Alternate start' mod. He is a simple refugee from Morrowind whom through no uncertain terms was not simply going to put up with living in the Grey Quarter in Windhelm and wandered his way towards Whiterun where he lived as a beggar then the own of Breeze home after three years. 

Gave me a whole story about the poor dear so I've started writing it. 

Oddest thing is I've been not only writing this but every time I bring up Skyrim to play even more of the story keeps popping up and I can never continue playing. 
Knight Bros CYOA by SoturoAyami
Knight Bros CYOA
Because I have been sinking my life into them, this is a combination of my Knight Bros Jump chain and Battle Mage CYOA : ) 

Shadow Bard!Me! Going on adventures with a animated Spartan's Skeleton, A Necromancer without a body and a Cyber Knight! One of these day (when I'm not rushing off to work) I'll put in the links to these CYOA so that anyone interested can see them
.....Or go to /r/MakeYourOwn ;3 if you wanna have a gander. 
JUMPCHAIN!Fishman Companion! Locien by SoturoAyami
JUMPCHAIN!Fishman Companion! Locien
I got a fishman as a jump companion according to the One Piece Jump I did. So~ 
Here he is

its a photo again until I hook up my scanner but yeah~ <3 Welcome Locien 


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Clint Mansell makes me write things...

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 5:14 PM
  • Mood: Optimism
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Here is a thing…

I wrote while listening to this thing

because it would not leave my brain.

It's an AU to an AU I haven't written yet. xD But it wouldn't go away so I wrote it. And edited it. Go have a gander. 


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